Do you need a new mortgage lender? Having a great mortgage lender is crucial to your success today!

In addition to my proven 6 step marketing system that I offer to my realtor partners at no charge, I also provide solutions for you and your buyers for common issues in our market today. Let me show you how to attract more buyers, get more listings, and most importantly, close more deals. Don't let one of these issues get in the way of your paycheck, recommend a lender you can trust!
Local Appraisers: We only use loacal appraisers that know what they are doing. Isn't it common sense? You would think so but unfortunately many of the lenders you are working with are using a pool of appraisers from acroos the entire state. Does an appraiser from Saginaw really know our market? Our local appraisers get us fair value everytime and we simply haven't had any issues.
From The Pre-Approval To The Closing: Have you had a buyer get tripped up in between because a lender told them they were pre-approved and now can't get the deal done? When I say a buyer is pre-approved, the deal will close! Our entire underwriting staff is local, if I am not sure about a particular buyer or scenario, I get an underwriting decision at the time of pre-approval not three weeks later. We cover every basis upfront so there are no surprises later!
Manipulating Credit Is Huge In Today's Market: We know how to manipulate credit scores to get your buyers to an approved level quickly! There is a good chance that 660 may soon become the new minimum score. Our trained staff can help your buyers improve their scores and walk them step by step through the process. We never just say "no". We will increase your closing just by managing the pipeline of these prospects and turn them into deals 30,60,or 90 days down the road.